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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

His letter to her - 5

A day spent in bed with my love

Even though the sun has risen, encouraging the birds to sing, and the breeze to blow... I still lay in bed with my love.

Sleeping in, nestled under the sheets against each other, this day is set aside for us. It shall be a day spent in bed. It all will start with ones awakening, a good morning stretch, and a soft word spoken with love to awaken the other. There are so many possibilities on how us two may spent this day, but in each others arms is how its planned to be. We both cuddle, acting cute and silly, frolicking and rolling around in the sheets till hunger strikes. A short break from the bedroom comes about as we both invade the kitchen to cook up a tasty breakfast. With our food prepared and the kitchen a mess, we take our dishes up back to where the day began. Eating breakfast in bed, chit chatting and trying not to make crumbs, this is a special moment, a moment in which a memory is made. Not caring about the time, it slips past unnoticed. With the two plates on the floor, and the two bodies back under the sheets its now come to mid day. Nothing has changed, the bed still possesses two lazy but comfy people, the only thing changing is time.

Laughs and giggles, stories and comments, these are of the many things taking place. Two people madly in love, expressing that love through touch, sight and sound. What better way to spent a day, a day with no concerns, no responsibilities, but with just one care.. To enjoy one another’s company, to enjoy the love and bond they share.

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